Service Status

We continuously monitor our infrastructure and its related services.

ServiceClient AreaAvailability100.00 %StatusOperational
ServiceNetwork & InfrastructureAvailability99.99 %StatusOperational
ServiceVirtual ServersAvailability100.00 %StatusOperational
ServicePerformance ServersAvailability100.00 %StatusOperational
ServiceStorage ServersAvailability100.00 %StatusOperational
ServiceDedicated ServersAvailability100.00 %StatusOperational

Status updates and incident reports may be delayed up to 30 minutes depending on the technical issue at hand. Please scroll down for past incident reports.

Active Incidents

No incident so far.

Past Incidents

September 6, 2023
Maintenance of the EcoServer Hypervisors

The scheduled maintenance has been completed.

Resolved at 2023-09-07 08:14 UTC

Maintenance in progress.

In Progress at 2023-09-06 18:02 UTC

Installation of software updates to the hardware used to provide the EcoServers. No impact for customer servers expected, updates are installed in a zero-downtime manner using live migration.

Scheduled at 2023-09-06 18:00 UTC
August 28, 2023
Scheduled Maintenance of the Client Area

Maintenance completed.

Resolved at 2023-08-28 07:12 UTC

Maintenance in progress.

In Progress at 2023-08-28 07:05 UTC

Minor upgrades of the client area on from 07:00 to 07:30 (UTC). No impact on customer servers, but the panel will be disabled for up to 30 minutes.

Scheduled at 2023-08-28 07:00 UTC
August 30, 2023
Planned Maintenance of NIX.CZ


Resolved at 2023-08-31 03:01 UTC

The Neutral Internet eXchange of the Czech Republic (NIX.CZ) is upgrading its infrastructure on August 31st between 00:00 and 06:00 (UTC+2). No customer intervention is necessary. Traffic relying on this internet exchange will be re-routed over alternative paths. Higher latencies are possible for impacted routes.

Scheduled at 2023-08-30 22:00 UTC
August 19, 2023
Scheduled Network Maintenance

Maintenance completed.

Resolved at 2023-08-19 06:28 UTC

Maintenance in progress.

In Progress at 2023-08-19 05:02 UTC

Maintenance of one of the edge routers (edge1.vie) in Vienna scheduled for 2023-09-19. No impact expected for customer systems. Traffic will be routed over alternative routes during the maintenance. Expected duration: up to 1 hours.

Scheduled at 2023-08-19 05:00 UTC
August 11, 2023
Unscheduled Maintenance of the Storage Servers (Cascade Lake)

All hypervisors with Cascade Lake CPUs have successfully received the patches to mitigate "Downfall" (CVE-2022-40982). Maintenance completed.

Resolved at 2023-08-11 10:51 UTC

Due to the necessity to install a critical firmware update for the CPU (CVE-2022-40982), this maintenance is performed without pre-announcement. Only impacting Storage Servers with Cascade Lake CPUs. No customer intervention should be necessary, but all affected customer servers will be rebooted once and might experience up to 15 minutes of downtime while we reboot the hypervisor.

In Progress at 2023-08-11 08:00 UTC
July 25, 2023
Unscheduled Maintenance of the 2nd-generation EPYC Hypervisors

The CPU firmware of all hypervisors have been updated with AMD's patch to mitigate Zenbleed.

Resolved at 2023-07-25 17:34 UTC

Due to the necessity to install a critical firmware update, this maintenance is performed without pre-announcement. Maintenance has already started and is performed in a zero-downtime manner. No impact on customer systems is expected, but we recommend that customers (cold-)reboot their servers after the maintenance is completed as a precaution. Only impacting Virtual Servers XS to XL running on the following CPUs: AMD EPYC 7502P and AMD EPYC 7542.

In Progress at 2023-07-25 06:40 UTC